QC50 is our ADAPTIVE panel. It is a high quality panel that can be fitted to almost any aspect of a building. It can be specified for both internal and external applications and fitted vertically or horizontally. QC50 is available in a range of natural materials, is lightweight and easy to install. It is not just a cut honeycomb sheet, it is a high performance, made to measure cassette, produced out of two folded layers with an aluminum honeycomb core adhered inside. This unique manufacturing process allows QC Facades to offer various thicknesses of panels.

Panel thickness14 mm- 40 mm (9/16″- 1 9/16″)
Minimum cavity1/2″
Min. system depth1″ with 14 mm (9/16″) panel
Joint typeOpen joint
RadiusMinimum 20″
Maximum panel4′ x 16′