The knowledge and experience we have gleaned from working with some of the world’s leading architects and designers gives us a head start over many of our competitors when It comes to customized façade solutions. At QC Facades we encourage our clients to think “outside the box” and challenge us to create new concepts and systems. Many of the external wall systems we offer as standard today started out life as a customized project.

An enviable reputation for excellence in engineering and creativity plus a willingness to cooperate with suppliers across the globe and building process has enabled QC Facades to set the trend in the delivery of specialty wall finishes.

  • QCFins

    QC Facades range of QC Fins are exceptionally strong, flat and lightweight. They are comprised of pre-coated aluminum skins bonded to an expanded aluminum honeycomb core and ca be manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and shapes which can be curved and folded.

    QC Fins are extremely rigid. They may be spanned horizontally and vertically and can be fixed to a variety of sub-frames. Installation can also be independent of the façade construction with fins engineered to be installed during new construction or on an existing building.

  • QCExtrusions

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  • QCTubes

    QC Tubes have been created to be used in any type of facades whether solid walls, curtain walls or screens. The panels can be installed vertically, horizontally or anything in between. In addition, they can be attached in different methods including utilizing accessory end caps which provides the same aesthetic from bot interior and exterior views. Due to its light weight, these panels can be attached to any type of structure allowing its use in both new projects and renovations. QC Tubes are available in round, square and rectilinear shapes which affords many design opportunities.

  • QCWeave

    QC Weave is a unique façade system that integrates metal strips, pressings and perforated panel designs into one unitized element. This style of façade panel is particularly suited to buildings such as; parking garages, stadiums, arenas and other open-air environments where natural ventilation is required. The panels give the appearance of being optically closed when in fact they can be designed to be over 50% open area.