• QCPlate

    QC Glass is a unframed glass rainscreen facade system. With the 3/8″ joint and no perimeter metal the system gives you a very clean monolithic facade. The large variety of glass types available reflect your unique building design aesthetic. From low iron, acid etching other custom finishes we provide a full arrange of design options. Our glass is heat strengthened or laminated to meet building codes and is also available for silk screen, enamelled or coated applications. For projects and applications large and small, decorative or highly engineered QC Glass offers a full spectrum of design options.

  • QCPlatePerf

    Utilizing the same technologies as our QC Plate panels the QC PlatePerf takes design opportunities to another level. Whether perforating with standard perforation patterns, custom patterns or perforated imagery we can add additional dimension to you plate panel design. Our QC PlatePerf panels are often used as scrims, for shading, ventilation or mechanical screens but the opportunities are virtually endless.

  • QCPlateGeo

    QC PlateGeo is another facet of our plate panel capabilities. This product is characterized by offering great versatility. The architect or designer can truly make their ideas a reality through our hybrid panel forming capabilities. No longer are we bound by the break formed or roll formed metal panel profiles. Irregular, non-uniform and custom profiles are all available with the use of QC PlateGeo panels.