Benefits of Pre-Coated Aluminum Facades for Large Buildings

pre-coated aluminum facades large buildings

Aluminum is one of the most common materials used for rainscreen façade products, and one type of aluminum façade that’s particularly popular today is called pre-coated aluminu ...

Why Rainscreen Facades are Generally Superior to Barrier Walls

rainscreen facades superior barrier walls

There are a few options out there when it comes to protecting a building from the elements while maintaining great aesthetics, and two that are often compared to each other are bar ...

Areas Where Ventilated Rainscreen Facades Provide Value

ventilated rainscreen facades value

Developed mostly over recent years to help refurbish several building types, rainscreen facades are valuable materials that benefit buildings in several ways. They provide value in ...

Construction Design Benefits of Rainscreen Façade Products, Part 2

construction benefits rainscreen façade

In part one of this two-part blog series, we discussed the standard purposes of rainscreen cladding, plus several additional benefits it offers within the construction world. Avail ...

Construction Design Benefits of Rainscreen Façade Products, Part 1

construction benefits rainscreen facade

In today’s modern age of building design and construction, versatility is the name of the game. Builders and building owners alike have several different major areas of desire an ...

Avoiding Galvanic Corrosion in Rainscreen Facades

avoiding galvanic corrosion rainscreen facades

For any major building project, there are several factors that may play a role in longevity. UV exposure, mechanical damage and several others are all important elements here, but ...

Properties and Benefits of Stainless Steel Facades

benefits stainless steel facades

At QC Facades, we’re proud to offer several different material choices when it comes to rainscreen façade solutions. From natural metals like copper and zinc to glass options, a ...

Understanding History and Purpose of Rainscreen Cladding

history purpose rainscreen cladding

Protecting our valuable structures from elements like rain and moisture is very important across many fields, and one of the primary systems for doing so is called a rainscreen cla ...

Combining Rainscreen Façades and Composite Panels

rainscreen façades composite panels

When it comes to protecting your building from wind, rain and other elements, there are a few great products you’ll be able to choose from. At QC Façades, we have a wide range o ...

How To Select the Right Facade For Your Building

select building facade

Selecting the ideal facade for your building directly impacts your business. Aside from presenting a certain tone via aesthetic, facades impact everything from the environment to t ...