Metal Façades

Innovative Aluminum Rainscreen Façade Systems

Buildings with complex designs require innovative envelope systems. QC Facades brings design visions to life with specialized aluminum façade systems and complete architectural services.

QC Facades is recognized as a leader in cutting-edge rainscreen technology with outstanding sustainability and performance.

Our solutions give firms creative freedom to elevate a building’s aesthetics, energy efficiency and thermal performance. Our team is involved throughout the planning, fabrication and installation process of your metal cladding system. 


Why Choose Aluminum Facades 

Buildings require barrier systems that provide external protection and favorable indoor conditions. To achieve these, the building’s façade must be fitted with innovative thermal isolation systems, UV protection and moisture management. Our modular and specialty aluminum systems excel in these conditions. In addition, our materials are rated as Class A non-combustible and offer wind-load calculations for all applications including high-rises. This includes NFPA 285 testing, E84 testing, Florida State Approval and Miami Dade County approval.

Aluminum is one of the top materials used for rainscreen systems due to its high tensile strength, thermal performance and aesthetics. Combined with honeycomb core technology, the result is an exceptionally durable and long-lasting building envelope.


Complete Architectural Solutions

In addition to aluminum façades, we design and engineer a variety of other metal cladding systems for our clients, including steel, stainless steel, copper and zinc.

Appropriate material specification is critical not only to the structure’s appearance, but it also affects its stability, safety and performance. We design façades that are not only aesthetic, but also provide maximum durability and energy efficiency. 

Perforated metal, custom screening solutions, extruded shading and three-dimensional metal cladding are just some of the options available from QC Façades. Our UV- and stain-resistant metal façades are designed to stand up to all types of weather extremes while maintaining their original appearance for decades. 


Metal Façades Designed for Your Project’s Unique Needs

Our full-service approach ensures that your project receives the individual attention it deserves. Our team is a part of your project from concept and design through fabrication and installation.

Options are endless for material selection. Whether choosing color, material, designs or patterns, we design custom solutions that meet the needs and specifications of the project. We can make engineering recommendations that preserve appearance and performance while minimizing cost and build time. 

Depending on the unique factors of your project, we design each facade to minimize noise transfer, maximize passive solar energy. Our cutting-edge design solutions are appropriate for projects of any size or application. 

Trust QC Façades’ team for all your aluminum and metal cladding design and engineering needs. The exceptional quality of our architectural metal solutions is equaled only by our commitment to provide responsive, personalized service. Contact us today to discuss an upcoming project or any of your glass or metal façade needs.