Glass Façades


Architectural Glass Cladding Benefits

Architects, engineers and facility owners alike praise glass cladding systems for their performance, durability and striking aesthetics. These materials also offer virtually unlimited flexibility of design. 

Today’s technologically advanced materials are extremely durable even in the face of major weather events, including wind, ice and temperature extremes on both ends of the spectrum. Glass cladding retains its like-new appearance for decades, resisting stains, rust, corrosion and degradation. The protection this material provides against the elements helps preserve the value, appearance and structural integrity of any facility. 

State-of-the-art glass rainscreens also create a highly energy-efficient façade, regulating temperature and reducing energy. 

With an endless potential for customization, including 1440 dpi digital printing, silk-screening, solid color, colored interlayers, surface textures and more the aesthetic value of glass cladding is second-to-none, allowing a virtually endless possibility of design options.


Glass Façade Finishes & Options

QC Glass façades are extremely versatile in terms of structural design and finished appearance. Our unframed glass rainscreen eliminates visible perimeter metal and, with a minimal 3/8-inch joint design, you can achieve a true monolithic appearance on any structure. 

You can choose from an array of finish options that range from silk-screening, solid color, colored interlayers, surface textures including acid etching to countless colors and coatings. We also offer the option for high-resolution digital printing, up to 1440 dpi, on the glass panels, further expanding your design options. With options for glare control, such and printing on the front surface, you can maintain the design aesthetic at obtuse angles previously not available. This same technology allows QC Facades to offer truly innovative options for printing glass cladding for use with photovoltaic solar panels, further enhancing the potential for energy savings and reduced facility operating costs. 


Innovative Glass Façade Designs

QC Facades is an industry-leading expert in the design and engineering of glass rainscreen systems. Our commitment to your project begins during the conceptual stage and we will be there with you through every step of the fabrication and installation process, ensuring the exceptional quality and service we’ve come to be known for.

Our innovative products are unparalleled in the industry for value and engineering flexibility. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about the visual comfort, energy efficiency and design options of our glass façade systems or discuss an upcoming project.