QCFacades is committed to being an industry leader in aluminum honeycomb rainscreen facades . . .

Nothing compromises the integrity and aesthetics of a building as much as moisture and rainwater, which is why selecting the right barrier system is vital in the design process.

Your choice of cladding, whether it’s a glass, composite or aluminum façade, should deliver effective rain management, superior resistance to fire and wind load, and an eye-catching appearance. It should also meet — or even exceed — performance, strength and green building requirements. At the same time, it should give unparalleled flatness, specialized design and creative freedom.

Sustainability Meets Enduring Technology

QC Façades’ open-jointed honeycomb cladding systems are made to perform in even the most challenging environments.

The open joints significantly minimize the potential for water intrusion to the exterior walls’ drainage cavity. The use of honeycomb brings extreme durability and a lightweight quality to the building’s cladding systems.

Developed based on the principles of rainscreen technology, each barrier system we manufacture excels in both function and form. The absence of plastic in the core makes our technology fully recyclable, helping you achieve sustainability goals.

Rainscreen Technology for Visionary Designs

Our envelope cladding systems are designed to address the complexities of urban construction sites and award-winning architectural projects. We have modular and specialized systems that come in various colors and materials, which means our solutions are adaptable to your vision and engineering requirements.

Your Partner for Building Excellence

By partnering with us, you’ll gain a one-stop source for superior cladding technology and a streamlined fabrication and installation or retrofit process. You’ll also be working alongside a team of experienced and results-driven construction experts.

Whether you’re looking to retrofit a building for LEED and sustainability standards or bring a vision to life from the ground up, we’ll help you achieve your goals.

Discover innovative glass façade solutions and aluminum building envelopes at QC Façades. Work with us to ensure the success of your project.